The goal of the Contending for the Faith Preaching & Teaching Conference is to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).


To aide, arm, and empower pastors, ministers, spiritual leaders, and serious bible students with the necessary theological tools needed to become more masterful in proclaiming the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Under the vision of Minister Muriel Taylor, the Contending for the Faith Expository Preaching & Teaching Conference was organized in 2013 as a free conference for the community. With the advisement and leadership of Dr. Bartholomew Orr, Senior Pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, MS, the first session was held in April, 2014, with an attendance of approximately 350 souls; by God’s grace, this number continues to rise each year.  This free conference was designed to spread the gospel and equip spiritual leaders throughout the world by arming them with spirit-filled educational tools via various classes on an array of topics.  To date, the Contending for the Faith Conference has served more than 1700 people from around the globe, reaching as far as Nairobi, Kenya, India, Nigeria, and Cairo, Egypt