Jeff & Katia Blom

Katia Blom, International Ambassador for Love Justice, has been involved in business development for over 20 years, working at national and global levels. She recently decided to take a turn in life to follow a passion that has lived in her since childhood; empowering others to embrace their God-given value, beauty, and dignity, fulfilling their purpose in life.
She has focused her heart and passion, alongside her husband Jeff Blom, towards building the capacity of Love Justice International in its fight against the world’s greatest injustices, inviting others to join in leaving a lasting impression, creating a profound transformational impact that only occurs through dynamic partnerships.

Before joining Love Justice International, Katia worked for ABM, a Fortune 500 company, as Global Development Director for the Franchising Group. As a change agent, she shifted the Franchising Group’s vision and growth strategy from domestic to international. Her understanding of geopolitical, economic, and cultural differences, enabled her to identify foreign market opportunities and expand ABM’s global footprint.

Katia and her husband Jeff, have a bi-cultural family blended by love. They enjoy spending time both in Texas and Missouri, to be with their six kids and their six granddaughters.