Pastor Earnest Thomas is widely recognized as a passionate teacher, shepherd, counselor and leader. In September 2003, he was called to serve as the Pastor of Discipleship at the Saint Mark Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Christian Education Ministry. His wife, Minister Roline Thomas, receives national and international attention for educating and helping others through her internet blogs, “The Dementia Chronicles,” where she transparently write about her mother’s journey and the joys and pains of caregiving, and “Roline’s Chronicles” where she transparently shares her battle with a brain disease & tumor, chronic pain, and other major illnesses.

They are the Founders and Directors of Earnest and Roline Ministries, a ministry of biblically based teaching in the form of workshops, seminars, conferences and counseling. Pastor and Minister Thomas have four adult daughters and three grandchildren.